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Lean lots won't last without new dealer discipline

Retailers must manage inventory as well as expectations for the unexpectedly high profits of 2020 to last.

New look at Nissan a positive sign

Redesigned Nissans should lead to sales boost, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Bobby Hitt witnesses the transformation of S. Carolina

Hitt has played a part in making the state's emergence as a key location for the auto industry happen.

Jaguar Redo, Part IV

Jaguar is about to undergo its fourth reinvention in five decades as owner Tata Group takes a second crack at shaking up a brand whose glorious past has rarely translated into a profitable present or sustainable future.

Best not to use your Tesla like an F-150

While Ford was encouraging dealerships in Texas to loan out F-150s with built-in generators during recent power outages, some Tesla owners learned that using the battery in a similar fashion could result in an unexpected repair bill.