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As new rivals enter EV segment, Tesla's share of registrations drops

Through May last year, Tesla made four of the top five new EVs registered with state governments. This year, it has two of the top 10.

Trade issues with China proved too big for HAAH

HAAH's plans to put imported Chinese cars in U.S. dealerships has failed, but founder Duke Hale is now looking at Korea.

EV tech is made easy on Pacifica Hybrid site

Chrysler uses everyday items to help people understand how long the plug-in minivan's lithium ion battery will last and how charging works.

Olympics stage set for bots to shine

Despite spectators being banned from this year's games in Tokyo, the sharp-eyed observer can still find plenty of high-tech vehicles and new mobility gadgetry.

Cool idea ... but will they buy?

It's one thing to dream up and perfect a technological breakthrough in wiper blades — it's another to sell it.

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