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Chinese EVs turn up heat on U.S.

If domestic automakers in the United States are unable to develop compelling electric vehicles that can compete with the Chinese, they are likely to lose market share, and the results would be a decrease in automotive exports as well as job losses.

GM'S BARRY ENGLE: Pickup launches are in the spotlight

The new head of North American operations says his first priority is the rollout of the new full-size pickups.

Toyota to phase in new safety features

One will shut off the engine if left idling too long and the other will help prevent the vehicle from rolling away if the driver exits without shifting into park.

Ford suits show ?fine line' in patent cases

Ford, which teaches engineers to "copy with pride" when they see someone else has a better solution, faces several allegations of intellectual-property theft but says it has done nothing wrong.

Israel becomes latest hotbed for auto tech

Since General Motors opened an Israeli r&d center in 2008, dozens of automakers and Tier 1 suppliers have followed to tap into the country's high-tech talent, with Ford Motor Co. planting its flag there last week.