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Mobile mechanics blaze trail for Amazon in service at customer homes, offices

New-vehicle dealerships haven't matched Amazon's mobile service offerings. But that could be changing as service departments look for new ways to stay competitive and profitable.

Nissan's stair-step program of sales incentives hurts dealership fixed operations, skeptics say

The aggressive sales targets in Nissan's incentive program encourage many of its dealerships to sell more vehicles to subprime borrowers with lower credit ratings, experts say.

Parts costs, tariffs can diverge

It's hard to determine the impact on a dealership service department's bottom line of the Trump administration's tariffs on auto parts imports.

Survey: 3 out of 4 vehicle owners prefer dealership service

Retention of service customers is a key measure of a dealership's fixed ops performance.

New study offers blueprint for dealership fixed ops staffing success

A new report offers hope for dealers facing service tech shortages, but only if dealerships are prepared to change the way they treat their employees.