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Data dilemmas

It's clear that data security is on the minds of both consumers and dealers. It's less clear how to alleviate the data concerns both groups have. Consumers express serious reservations about sharing their personal data digitally with dealerships and lenders. Their comfort level is much higher for sharing the information in person at the dealership, according to an Automotive survey. Meanwhile, consumer reservations are dealers' biggest worry point when it comes to protecting personal customer data, the survey showed.

AI changes work at dealerships

Computers are performing more tasks that humans can do, such as sorting data and making decisions. That means dealership employees' roles are evolving, too.

Want your headlights in regular or decaf?

Ford is using coffee-bean remnants from McDonald's to make headlight housings for the Lincoln Continental.

Nissan's turnaround hinges on product

Makoto Uchida, Nissan Motor Co.'s new CEO, says fresh product is key to reviving Nissan's flagging fortunes and that a U.S. rebound is underway but will take more time.

With battery partner, GM eases risk

As GM pushes toward an electric future, it's softening the risk of plunging into an uncertain market by getting a partner to help manufacture batteries.